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Notice of Public Meeting

The applicant team is happy to be advancing the design of the 267 O’Connor development, and will be hosting a virtual public consultation on Wednesday June 19th from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. We look forward to receiving feedback from members of the community, and ask that interested attendees sign up for the meeting using the feedback form below. Details of the 2024 revised proposal can be found on the City of Ottawa’s development application website at:


Development Update.

Taggart Realty Management submitted a planning application to the City of Ottawa in 2020 to re-zone 267 O’Connor from its current commercial use to a residential site featuring two purpose-built rental towers of 28 and 30-storeys. The application relies on the Centretown Landmark Building policy and an Official Plan Amendment to permit the proposed development, which is subject to an extensive public consultation process integrated with the City of Ottawa’s formal review. The original submission documents can be found at the City of Ottawa’s DevApps website (www.devapps.ottawa.ca). Upon receipt of a round of public and City feedback, the applicant team has elected to reimagine the site with a focus on placemaking and the public space offering.

UNStudio has been brought on to the design team to inspire a development that creates a new sense of neighbourhood in this area of Centretown, one with strong connections to the public spaces in the area and on the site. As the architectural lead, UNStudio will work with Hobin to design a landmark building that sensitively fits within the local Centretown context.

The project aims to become a social hub on the site, expanding its community presence to the surrounding neighborhood. In order to make it a destination, the site will house unique spaces where local residents can gather. This social hub will also promote healthy living through facilities that are accessible all year round.

This website will act as the source for application and development updates. Feedback at any stage of development is encouraged to be submitted through the form below.

The Site.

Located in the heart of Centretown, 267 O’Connor is home to a 6-storey office building and a large surface parking lot. Extending from Gilmour Street to MacLaren Street along the East side of O’Connor Street, the location of this property offers the opportunity to anchor Centretown with a placemaking development featuring landmark architecture and a significant public open space. The following images highlight the site boundary and location.

The Team.

Taggart Realty Management

For more than 30 years, Taggart Realty Management has been shaping real estate in Eastern Ontario. The company has evolved from a small family owned and operated property management business into a multifaceted and professional real estate development group with a significant market presence. Taggart Realty Management has acquired, developed and manages over 3 million square feet of real estate including multi-unit residential properties, shopping centres, office buildings, and industrial facilities.


UNStudio, founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, is an international network specialising in architecture, interior architecture, product design, urban development and infrastructural projects. With seven full-service international offices in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Dubai, Melbourne and Austin and over 300 employees from 27 countries, UNStudio’s streamlined structure enables the practice to spend less time organising and more time designing and collaborating with their clients.

UNStudio’s mission is to design for lasting impact and contribute to the societal challenges of urbanisation, climate change, ageing populations and socioeconomic inequality. Driven by purpose and focused on solutions, they create value by designing for the implications of these megatrends on the built environment. Designs that make our lives healthier, have little impact on the planet, but a lasting impact on our cities - and people.

Hobin Architecture

Established in 1979, Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects Incorporated set out to craft a brand identity based upon unsurpassed client satisfaction and design excellence. Today, Hobin Architecture has evolved from a founding principal, Barry J. Hobin, into a team of over 45 talented professionals. The firm believes strongly in integrating professional and personal values. Hobin Architecture is committed to creating buildings and places that strengthen our neighbourhoods, enhance our daily lives, and make our city more beautiful and connected. For over 40 years, they have merged an abiding passion for design with a deeply-felt sense of responsibility to the Ottawa community—to create a design team that innovates, client relationships that endure, buildings that inspire and environments that nurture creativity, health, spirituality, and commerce.


Fotenn is an award-winning planning, urban design, and landscape architecture firm. As the principal urban planning consultant for the proposal, Fotenn will work alongside the interdisciplinary project team to lead the development application process for Taggart’s Landmark Building Proposal at 267 O’Connor Street, in Ottawa. With over 70 staff, each with unique skills and interests, Fotenn consistently provides high-quality planning and design services to growing communities in Ontario and throughout Canada. For this important project, Fotenn will draw on 30+ years of expertise to provide professional planning services in site planning, policy interpretation, file management, community consultation, and urban design. Fotenn will work with the project team to engage with stakeholders, identify innovative solutions, and contribute to a responsive and meaningful proposal that will bring world-class development to the centre of Ottawa.

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